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Get Smart with Your Time Online - Junk Information Make People Stupid!

Recently I heard MIT researchers are developing Media Meters to evaluate the quality of news or medias online over the Internet, Smart Phones and TVs. They treated the "media" like the "food" for our brains/thoughts we cannot live without.


Using the food terminology on media, they talked about the ingredients - like humor, sports, entertainment, local or world news, and business needs. What's useful for your brain, heart, and body? Are we getting too much "sugar" in our media diet? Do you see a compulsive eater on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube?


In America, people consume an average of 12 hours of media a day - this may include work-related news gathering/media search.  So are we already in Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes? What kind of "Nutrition Label" we need for the "News?"  WGBH Boston Radio produced a new report on Information Diet. They said," Junk information make us stupid." What do you think? Too busy to write - just browsing...


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