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Special Education (SPED) Ideas and Resources

See daily bulletins on Special Education at  


0 2010 年9 月20日

Summer Stories and Pictures

We will publish anything you wrote during the summer. Write and Share!

由Kid J开始

0 2010 年8 月30日

Something About Boston/Bostonian

Geographical center of Boston is in Roxbury. Due north of the center we find the South End. This is not to be confused with South Boston wh…

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0 2010 年7 月2日

Inspiring Quotes - English Writing

The larger the island of knowledge, the longer of the shoreline of the wonder. - Ralph W. Sockman The world is a book, and those who do no…

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2 2010 年4 月18日
Kid J的回复

Kids Aginst Spams - Stop Forwarding ThoSe Emails

Why should you stop forwarding "those emails?"

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0 2010 年1 月30日

New Kid's News

The End of Math Wars A panel of experts proposed a National Mathematics Education Plan. Is the end of Math Wars after 20 years of "fuzzy m…

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3 2009 年9 月24日
Kid J的回复

Ideas for the Summer

Not enough to build a big contraption, now it's your time for Lego Robot Lab and K'Nex roller coasters. Join Newton Lego or K'Nex Group to…


0 2009 年6 月26日

Fun Places to Go and See

If you find a new place to go or new event to attend, please post the info here - simply add your reply below.

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1 2009 年6 月11日
Kid J的回复

Collection of Special Poems

Cinquain PALLIES Chummy, happy, Joking, gelling, sharing, Four amigos all together, Friendship. As Junie B. and her "pallies" have discov…

由Kid J开始

1 2009 年6 月4日
Kid J的回复

Contests and Learning Events

Contests and Learning Opportunities: Boston FIRST 2009 Robot Competition: You are invited to attend the 4th Robot Competition organized by…

由Kid J开始

2 2008 年12 月10日
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