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怎么做手势,户外,对无人驾驶飞机,不使用摄像机头觉或感应棒(Xbox)?How to do hand-gesture to a drone?

How to do hand gesture, outdoors, to a drone, without computer vision or sensor bar (xbox)?

Here is a Taiwanese student who developed a very simple solution: an App for Apple Watch:

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VTA selects the best 10 blogs for an award of Poliads Cube

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YouTube EDU - Favorite Education Channels

Per a NBC report, Education video is the fastest growing area on Many teachers are posting their courses online at YouTube - the most popular sites are:


Steve Spangler …


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Reading List for Newton Kids with Special Needs

A collection of websites and/or library books that read aloud by themselves.


Newton Free Library's eBook Sources:


Very Easy:


Tumble Book - Library: …


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Newton BEARS Team 1 Created a New Website

To get more people interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), we created another website on our research work "Project" on Hearing Aids: Please join us!


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GIS: a New Way to See the World - Six Maps Produced in 2012

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a system with software and databases to store information including history on digital maps. Here are some examples in 2012: six most reveting maps >>>.

Map of Europe: 1000 AD to Present Day:  …


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"现代旅游者的视觉体验 郝强 《 中华读书报 》( 2017年03月15日 13…"
3 月 18
Newton Network 回复了 Virtual Travel Agency 的讨论 最佳旅游路线Good Travel Stories(故事集)
3 月 9
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"免费来玩VR旅游要科技感 逛旅展也能很科技!这次旅展除了传单、宣传片,更加夺人眼球的就是新鲜亮相的VR旅游体验了。记者在现场看到,展馆内设有VR专区,许多展商也主动将VR科技作为宣传手段之一。 星梦邮轮方面表示,市民可在其VR区域透过顶尖虚拟现实技术体验以100亿港元重金打造的“云顶梦号”海上度假宫殿的华丽实境。"
2 月 26
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"易游天下成为星梦邮轮核心代理商 2016年11月,易游天下国际旅行社(北京)有限公司成为星梦邮轮华北区核心代理商,大力进军邮轮旅游市场,星梦邮轮云顶梦号于2016年11月13日首航成功。易游天下自2014年试水邮轮产品以来,积累了丰富的邮轮产品销售"
2 月 26

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