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The Great Wall is a wall that is north of Beijing. The wall is made out of stone. It was built on mountains. It has been there for about 2,000 years. It was used to protect a state in the warring period in China. Lots of people died making the Great Wall.

When we got to the Great Wall of China, we started walking south. I thought the ground was going to be flat, but it went up and down. Then, we got to a tower and went inside of the tower. On the sides were three places where cannons were put to defend. We went to another tower and took some pictures. My mom and my sister were tired, then my dad and I went farther. We climbed two more hills and got on two more towers. There was a newly built sign on the hillside saying in big letters “Beijing 2008: One World, One Dream.” On the 4th tower we looked around us and saw lots and lots of mountains. After we were done with the Great Wall of China, we ate lunch.

Then we went on a cable car to the north Great Wall. We didn’t go to the north wall because it is much harder to walk than the south Great Wall. We took the cable car back. We went to the Great Wall Museum. The museum had weapons, armor, pictures, and history about the Great Wall. There was also a map showing the three sections of the Great Wall. From the museum, I learned that the Great Wall was rebuilt 7 times. The Great Wall really is a world wonder.

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