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In the north of Beijing, there is a big park called Summer Palace. It was used by the emperors as their resort in the summer. The Summer Palace used to be called the Garden of Clear Ripples. The Summer Palace was burned down two times, but over the years people rebuilt the park and protected its landscapes.

In the Summer Palace there is a lake called Kunming Lake. In Kunming Lake there are boat rides. Near the south of Kunming Lake is a place called Bronze Ox, it shows an ox made of bronze. In the lake there is an island with a bridge leading to the shores. The bridge is called Seventeen Arch Bridge. On the island in Kunming Lake there are two places called Hall of Embracing the Universe and Dragon King’s Temple.

To the north of the lake is a place on manmade mountains called Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha. To the north of the Tower of the Fragrance of the Buddha is a place called Suzhou Street that is supposed to be a street like Venice. To the southeast of Suzhou Street is a place called Garden of Harmonious Interests that is a small pond with trees around it and lily pads in it. To the northwest of the Kunming Lake is a boat made out of marble called Clear and Peaceful Boat.

The park has lots of Chinese culture in it. The park has lots of beautiful buildings and structures. It has gotten better and better in the years. I hope the Summer Palace can get even better in the future.

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