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Top 10 New Year Resolutions for Everyone


Useful Websites:

  1.  Writer's Almanac (Public Radio)


A To-Do List for Everyone:

1) Lose Weight (Get in Shape);
2) Get Your Finances in Order;
3) Go Greener (Save the Planet);
4) Curb Your Vices;
5) Relax More (Spend Time at Home);
6) Pursue a New Career or Hobby;
7) Go Out More (Take a Family Vacation);
8) Upgrade Your Technology;
9) Organize and Optimize;
10) Participate and Volunteer.

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Newton Kid's Reading Club

Here are some reading suggestions:


High Schools:

- NSHS Book Blog:


Middle Schools:



Private Schools (Mixed Grades):

- Roxbury Latin: Academics on English:

- Milton Academy on English:…


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Cartoons and Animation - Newton Kid's Collection

My friends often send me jokes and cartoons on Friday or over the weekend. Here I could share some with you. You may post your collection of "fun things" here.

(Press [F11] key to get the full screen...)

Animator vs. Animation:

then leave the mouse alone , sit back and enjoy a…


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