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Reading List for Newton Kids with Special Needs

A collection of websites and/or library books that read aloud by themselves.


Newton Free Library's eBook Sources:


Very Easy:


Tumble Book - Library:


Aol Kids Stories:


Some Easy and Some Hard:

Start-to-Finish Books (paid account is needed): (Don Johnston)



Teen's Health on Stress (ReadSpeaker):


Learning Disabilities Worldwide (ReadSpeaker): 


Addtional Links:

Books Should Be Free (online audio books):

Books on Google Play:



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在2013 年6月14日上由Kid J添加的评论(9时19分am)

Blast to the Past: Ben Franklin's Fame (Read-Along):

在2013 年1月24日上由Kid J添加的评论(11时03分am)

What's Autism? (ReadSpeaker):

made by National Institutes of Health (NIH) - National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

在2013 年1月24日上由Kid J添加的评论(10时35分am)

Reciepes for Teens (ReadSpeaker):

<- Click the link and the "Listen" button.

在2013 年1月24日上由Kid J添加的评论(10时21分am)
在2013 年1月24日上由Kid J添加的评论(10时20分am)


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